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The Very First Post on Data Science

Since I have been a blogger since 2010, the blogging was never a new thing to me except its highly addictive. My Sinhalese Blog තරු බ්ලොග් සටහන is my very first experience with blogging. Several people read and commented my blog and I was very happy at that time. There were few changes happened. I shifted to two custom domains but never had time to update the  log so they were expired. So I thought now that whats wrong with my old domain? Yes, its a blogspot sub domain but it will do.So I am to come again to blogging world.

Ever since I needed to do my own English blog. Didn't had any clue what to write but I have it now. After I listen to the very first lecture about Data Bases from Dr.Mahen at UCSC, I was really interested in it. There were lot to do but SQL seems like a pretty good language for me. I still remember what Dr.Mahen said, "In SQL, you dont have to write HOW to do it, tell only WHAT to do". After the semester I had "A" for DBMS and ever since, I…